The Chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Committee has cautioned about the uncertainty due to the virus regarding the upcoming Olympic Games next year and has urged individuals to put in all of their efforts in resisting the coronavirus.

Last month, the 36th Olympics was planned to be postponed that was hoping to take place in July in the current year, hoping that the pandemic of coronavirus would be regulated and sports activities would resume worldwide.

With over 200 countries and 11,300 sportspersons involved, Japan will face an exceedingly tough choice on possible cancellation of the 2020 Olympic Games if the situation remains static and the pendemic is not over.

Japan invested more than £10 m to carry the Olympics to Tokyo, adding considerable costs. Speaking on Friday, CEO Toshiro Muto acknowledged that the conditions would be safe enough for the Games to go forward, but Tokyo 2020 said that there was no guarantee for even next summer.

Muto stated on the video call that he believes that no one can inform perfectly what are the conditions concerning the outbreak of the virus, hence, that is why he failed to give a direct answer regarding the event.

But Muto endorsed the strategy of IOC that any endeavor could not go ahead with events in 2021 and that would lead to the holding of the Olympic and Paralympic Games instead of a contingency plan.

The IOC said last week that alternative proposals would be considered only if situations were not changed by the next year.

Muto further explained that they agreed to delay the games by one year and hence, do whatever they could do to prepare for the Games.

He sincerely hoped that the outbreak of covid-19 is controlled by next year.