Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has requested to issue a restraining order against his stalker – the Virginia woman, showed up at his home twice or more and sent him intimidating photos of weapons, reads the case filing in Santa Clara.

The company has nothing more to say beyond the details already mentioned in the court filings, says Apple’s representative.

Julia Lee Choi appeared for the first time in 2020 fall, as per the court documents. In October or November, the woman allegedly tweeted, saying she is Tim Cook’s wife and that the two share twin children.

The documents further reveal that the woman drove all the way from McLean, Virginia, to the CEO’s house in Palo Alto. She visited his place twice, on Oct. 22, 2021.

At one time, she got caught as local police arrived at the scene and caught her in her Porsche Macan with an outdated driving license.

“Given [Choi’s] erratic, threatening, and bizarre behavior, including her direct contact with Apple’s executive team, Apple’s CEO, and with Apple’s corporate and security teams, all Apple employees should be protected by this restraining order,” reads one of the filings.

In another filing, Cook’s security officer wrote, “Choi had sent Cook a barrage of threats, and told Palo Alto police she could be violent after sending the CEO multiple warnings to vacate his residence.”

“I have significant concerns that my physical safety along with the safety of Apple’s CEO, the other members of Apple’s security team, and Apple employees in general, is in danger from [Choi],” wrote Apple’s global security chief, Jose Berrera in the petition.

The court document has also included a screenshot of Choi’s profile that shows Tim Cook’s photo as its banner picture.

Other celebrities and CEOs who recently got attacked by stalkers:

The same woman who was stalking Tim Cook once tried to target Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, as she wrote one time that “Sandra Pichia” has attempted to hurt her “several times.”

In another story, the Queen of Pop, Britney Spears, had been stalked on and off for a long time by his ex-husband Jason Alexander. However, on January 5 he got arrested for violating a restraining order. Allegedly, he had also “lurked” outside Lynne Spears’ home in LA.

Kylie Jenner has also been stalked several times. However, around New Year’s time in 2021, an obsessive fan or stalker tried to break into her residence. Later the person was charged multiple times to visit the exclusive property on several occasions.