TikTok star Ophelia Nichols has made a shocking yet painful revelation that her son was shot dead just a day before his 19th birthday.

Ophelia Nichols revealed this shocking news in a video where she was seen sobbing, trying to hold back tears while pleading with her followers to help her find the killer of her son.

“Today would have been my baby child’s 19th birthday, but he was taken from me last night. Took from my children and my husband and our family,” said Ophelia Nichols, who has an account called @shoelover99 on TikTok, “My son was murdered. He was shot.”

Randon Lee, son of Ophelia Nichols was shot at a gas station on Friday night in the area of Prichard, Alabama.

“I ain’t never asked y’all for anything, but I need your help with this,” said Nichols to her more than 7 million followers on the social media platform.

Ophelia Nichols is a renowned influencer who is famously known as Mama Tot by her followers because of her distinguished southern accent and her friendly videos that she makes from her front porch.

Nichols was sobbing profusely throughout the video while wearing a black t-shirt having a rainbow heart on it. She said, “there’s almost 7 million people that follow me, somebody;s got to know something.”

The Tot mom stated that she feels “hatred in my heart that I don’t recognize ‘ cause I have never felt hate for anyone.”

“He was just 18 years old, that’s the best part of somebody’s life,” she added in tears.

At the end of the video, a text was embedded in her pleading video which stated “I will not stop until my sons murderer is found and prosecuted.”

She made an emotional plea to her followers with a picture of herself and her son on the camera and addressing the murderer saying “I want you to look at my son… this is my son, and you took him from me.”

Just before this gruesomely sad post, Nichols had posted a video of herself on one of the beaches of Alabama. She has four children and Randon Lee was her youngest child.

Her heartbreaking video has already become the talk of the town and gone viral. More than 19 million have been received by the video in just one day. A lot of locals have written in the comments to help and support her in these trying times.

Police have revealed two leads for the killing but an investigation is underway. The motive behind this killing is still unknown and no arrests have been made in the connection to the murder