Audi & Lamborghini collision – A video shared by Matthew Heller, the luxury $40K Lamborghini driver earlier this month of a woman yelling at him for hitting her Audi, while she waited at the red light in Tampa, Florida.

However, the CCTV footage shows the total opposite, which is that the Audi hit the Lamborghini, while it was standing stationary.

The short clip gathered over 38 million views and endless comments where people are accusing the woman of her actions.

A person wrote: “It’s called brake when you see a car in front of you. Matt, I don’t blame you for laughing about the ignorance of her either,”

While the public sympathy was with Matthew after his post, Maddy, who is also a TikToker with the username @maddygilsoul1 uploaded a video, which showed the occurrence before the collision.

In the video, it is clear that the Audi was waiting at the signal while a cyclist passed the junction and Lamborghini overtook the Audi at a traffic signal.

The video was posted with a caption that the Lamborghini man ‘drove into oncoming traffic at a red light because I didn’t turn left on yellow’ and ‘almost hit a person. She also added: ‘He sideswiped me while I was at a red light… guess he didn’t want to tell the whole story.’

The new video by Maddy has cleared out who was at fault in reality. One must not believe everything they see unless they are aware of the full story.

The original viral video shared by Heller, where Maddy gets out from her damaged Audi and marches towards Matthew’s car, and asks him what he has done to her Audi.

 To which, Heller chuckled and replied ‘when you rear-end somebody… that’s not how this works,’ was just the half-truth.