A popular content creator, Huey Haha, with millions of views on Tiktok and Youtube, died at 22. Reports revealed he was survived by his 2 years old daughter.

The death news of the California-based Vietnamese heritage comic whose real name was Huey Ha was confirmed on Oct 25, Monday.

Recently, a post reads on Instagram, “Rest In Peace to Huey Ha,”

“Huey Ha passed away October 25, 2021. He loved and appreciated every single one of his supporters.”

The death cause of the famous TikToker has not yet been revealed. However, officials confirmed that his flourishing Tiktok account with 4.5 million followers has been suspended.

The social media celebrity made his first appearance in 2019. He started becoming popular after he started posting short comedy bits online. Moreover, Huey had 450,000 YouTube subscribers and around 200,000 followers on Insta.

His death news started to spread like wildfire on Wednesday after his fans took social media to pay tribute to him. Later than, he became a trending topic on Twitter as well.

Huey’s fellow social media celeb, @DollaSigngYoung posted on Instagram, “Damn u was a staple in this entertainment s–t for the Asians too” and concluded his tribute saying, “May your soul rest in peace bro.”

Another mourner on Twitter posted, “Rest in Paradise to this young, creative, and amazingly talented star. You will be missed. Prayers and condolences to all of your friends and family.”

A fan on social media wrote about the social media star, “That boy had half of Stockton laughin’ at his skits“Rest in paradise to Huey”

While another fan stated in a post uploaded overnight, “Man RIP Huey. This got me f–ked up. Idk what happened, but I understand the grind to get to where he was. Praying for his baby girl and fam. How did Huey Haha die?”

On Thursday, Huey’s friend, Coby Jdn, launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to support his 2-year-old daughter and cover the funeral expense. Till now, he has generated $32,700 in donations.

“Used to saying RIP but this hurt the most we always hated comedy cuz all people see is laughs, not what we hadda do or go through,” said Jdn on Instagram. He added, “They already took the fun out of the comedy but now its not gon be the same without you. We love you brother see you in the future.”