PARK RIDGE, Ill. (WLS) – a potential threat of school violence circulating and warning schools has taken over the country and prompted several districts in Chicago to respond on Friday, Dec 17.

Although no suspicious activity has been reported so far, some districts in Chicago have stepped up security as precautions.

“This is just something where someone posted and is encouraging violence in the schools,” said a Park Ridge police official, Tom Gadowski. “Very simple. I don’t want to go any further than saying that there’s an encouragement of violence.”

The unfounded threat circulating on social media warns the schools across the nation of shooting and bombing on Dec 17, Friday. The anonymous post also feared students staying home for the day.

While some state authorities found the threat non-credible, police departments across the country have taken preventive measures and increased security around local schools in case of emergency.

“Every police department takes any type of threat very seriously, whether it was a note that was left in the bathroom or social media that now has a national platform,”  said, Gadowski.

Chicago Public Schools addressed parents in a statement, “The post is vague and not directed at a specific school, and is circulating around school districts across the country. “Please do not re-share any suspicious or concerning posts on social media.”

Many other suburban schools sent out similar statements.

“If the school does their part there’s no need to worry,” said a student’s parent, John Davis.

The administrator at Park Ridge-Niles School District 64 wrote a note to the students’ parents that read, “there will be an increased police presence at buildings on Dec. 17.”

Another one named Barrington School District 220 has also alerted its community of potential threats.“Barrington police have confirmed the threats are unsubstantiated at this time, and there is no viable threat to students or staff”, says the school’s officials.

District 220 said in a recent statement that they will increase the security in addition to its resource officer for the coming days “as a precautionary measure to reassure students and staff.”

Meanwhile, TikTok announced that it is in talks with law enforcement to probe and that it “handles even rumored threats with utmost seriousness.”