In the previous episode of EastEnders, the audience saw intense scenes where Keegan Baker is attacked by Aaron Monroe’s far-right friends, while Karen Taylor puts all the fault on Keegan’s estranged spouse, Tiffany Butcher, and tells her that the family wants nothing from her, which devastates TIffany.

In the upcoming episode of this high-intensity plot, Issac Baptiste will start investigating an attack on Keegan, while Tiffany is set to make a big gesture.

During the investigation, Neil will lie to the police about who attacked Keegan, saying he doesn’t know which Issac and Lola would oversee. However, Issac is suspicious and asks Aaron if he knows Neil, to which he denies.

Meanwhile, Lexi is upset with Issac and talks about it with Ben, who is also furious because Issac scared his daughter. However, by apologizing to Aaron and putting on a  Nativity with Lexi he gets into good books.

Issac, still being suspicious about the matter, is happy to know that Tiffany still cares for her ex as she donated a huge sum of money for Keegan’s jar.

The fact that TIffany’s exit episode is less than two weeks away, it is still unclear if TIffany will get back with Keegan and show a door to Aaron or would be taking a fresh start.

Whatever may happen in the upcoming episodes, stay tuned for more updates on how the drama would unfold.