When Meghan Markle appeared on the Ellen programme, her father stated she had ‘insulted’ the royal family by doing so and asked for the Duchess of Sussex‘s title to be revoked.

When Thomas Markle, the 77-year-old father of Meghan, saw his daughter’s first big TV interview since her Oprah appearance with Prince Harry earlier this week, he was left feeling “embarrassed,” the New York Daily News reports.

As a former Hollywood lighting director, Meghan’s estranged father blasted the Duchess’ presence as a stupid stunt that insulted the Royal Family, the Queen, and the British People.

By singing and dancing in front of a group of vendors while calling herself “mother” in an on-the-street prank that left them open-mouthed in disbelief, Meghan, 40, shocked the audience.

It was evident that Meghan made a deliberate effort to distinguish herself from the royal family’s more restrained image with the toe-curling comedy routine she performed in California along with Prince Harry and their children,  2-year-old Archie and five-month-old Lilibet.

Mr. Markle told The Sun that the Royal Family, the Queen, and the British People were offended by her comments. He called her a liar and said she should be stripped of her position for her utter blunder. He went on to say that he loved his daughter but thought her performance was ludicrous.

While it had been widely reported that the Duchess will give her 1st interview to Ellen once she and Prince Harry depart for the United States in January 2020, her presence on the show was a complete surprise. But in the end, Oprah Winfrey was chosen by the Sussexes as their neighbor in Montecito.

In the wake of her explosive interview with Oprah in March, the Duchess of Cambridge has made another high-profile appearance.

In the weeks after her letter to US MPs urging them to support Joe Biden’s maternity and paternity pay ideas, Meghan described how she struggled to make ends meet while working as an actor.

With her divorced father Thomas admitting her to a private school from kindergarten and Meghan now dwelling in a $14million house while enjoying an estimated $100million inheritance, royals experts questioned if Americans would be impressed ‘by her tale of how she had to fight.

When it was revealed that she had previously boasted about her estranged father Thomas Markle often taking her to one of the most renowned restaurants of LA where celebrities gobbled up steaks now costing $55, her statements were called into doubt even more.

According to a deleted photo on Meghan’s Instagram account, the Duchess of Cambridge informed her 3 million followers that she had “great moments” at the Frank Grill and Musso on Hollywood Boulevard and that she ate there often after her dancing classes.

MailOnline was told by one critic that she had receipts all over her Instagram that contradict her claims of poverty. Despite attending one of the highly expensive schools in Los Angeles, another critic commented, she and her family couldn’t afford to eat out on the weekends for more than $5.