Vision is a great blessing and sometimes we as humans, fail to realize its true importance. We are often forced to see it as a blessing when our vision starts to deteriorate.

With our eyes, we do all the things in our daily routine but we forget to take care of our eyes.

Surprisingly, there are some little things we do or don’t do that eventually put us at risk of vision loss or worse, an eye disease. Although taking care of your eyes is less of a priority for you compared to other health concerns you might have, but you cannot rule it out completely.

According to Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), about 93 million people are prone to vision loss. Among them only about half of those people get it checked yearly by an eye doctor.

However, there are subtle habits that can be incorporated into your daily routine quite easily. These little habits will help you curb the factors that silently affect your vision.

For starters, you must buy yourself a cool looking pair of sunglasses and wear them to protect your eyes. It is pretty much understood that you will need them when you are at the beach, basking in the sun.

But using sunglasses all year round is also very important because being exposed to UV rays can harm your vision. Harmful UV rays can cause a lot of diseases such as eye growths, macular degeneration, eye cancer, and even cataracts.

Even if the sun is reflecting off the water and it reaches your eyes, it can cause photokeratitis. Hence, wearing sunglasses will protect you from all the harmful rays such as UVA and UVB.

Skin cancer is very common and it can attack your eyelids too. It is uncommon for people to apply sunscreen on their eyelids which increases the risk of getting skin cancer through eyelids.

Hence, it is always a good idea to carefully apply some SPF on your eyelids before going out in to the sun.

Do not rub your eyes too much as you are stretching the delicate tissues in your eyes. Too much rubbing will cause your eyelids to lose their elasticity over time and they might become droopy.