Comedy’s reigning queen! Emily Hampshire made her acting debut as a teenager in 1994. Four years later, the 39-year-old Canadian received her big break on television with a defining role on The Industry, followed by a voice role in an Animated Series.

Hampshire’s career as a voice actor is progressing, including roles on 6Teen, Carl2, and Braceface. She also appeared on Rookie Blue, Busytown Mysteries, and Ruby Gloom before becoming famous for her character as Stevie Budd on Schitt’s Creek. The sitcom debuted in both US and Canada in 2015, and it went on to win nine Emmys in the six-season run.

The next year, Emily Hampshire played Jennifer Goines on 12 Monkeys. Emily went on to develop and produce her own program, Humpday with Hampshire and is now working on The Rig.

But, apart from her acting talents, how much do Hampshire’s admirers know about her? The Chapelwaite actress spoke exclusively to us about herself.

Here are the twenty-five things you might not know about her:

1. Emily Hampshire reupholstered the sofa all by herself.

2. She was once required to perform “99 Red Balloons” in the German original (“99 Luft-Balloons”). Now She is equipped with a very amazing karaoke party trick.

3. Emily Hampshire had always dreamt to play Sally Bowles from Cabaret, and she couldn’t believe it when she saw the screenplay for [the Schitt’s Creek episode] in which Stevie was cast as Sally in Moira’s Cabaret production.

4. She fall asleep listening to podcasts about murder.

5. She usually wears a massive hat since she is afraid of sunburn. They created her a birthday cake in the form of the said big hat for her final film.

6. Emily Hampshire is a huge fan of the film The Never-Ending Story.

7. She is skilled at creating things. She previously constructed a ten-foot floating desk.

8. As a native of Montreal, she is fluent in French.

9. When Emily Hampshire initially went into lockdown, she purchased an industrial-sized pail of Nutella. By the end, she had gotten to the bottom of it with just a spoon.

10. Her first television appearance was on Nickelodeon’s show.

11. Emily Hampshire produced her own pandemic talk show, Humpday with Hampshire, for the cause of raising money for Actors Fund, and she had the most amazing guests. Take a look at it on YouTube!

12. She is a member of wikiFeet. That is something she just recently became aware of.

13. She likes the fragrance of a dog’s paws.

14. She still possesses the first item she purchased with her own money – a dress from the early ’90s grunge era.

15. She was adamant about continuing to wear her Invisalign, but her dentist insisted.

16. She is a Virgo.

17. She wouldn’t leave her home if she didn’t have to!

18. She likes composing songs.

19. Throughout her Schitt’s Creek audition, she was so anxious that she pulled her shirt over her head and hid amid the scene.

20. The first time she Marie Kondo’d her things, she ended up returning a pair of her own shoes to Goodwill.

21. She is completely smitten with Jellycat toys.

22. She just falls in love with someone. It makes no difference to her where they fall on the gender spectrum.

23. Her favorite restaurant is California Pizza Kitchen. Their tomato bisque soup is excellent.

24. Emily Hampshire is a sucker for interior design, furniture, and typography. Essentially, anything related to design.

25. She suffers from misophonia. If you continue to eat with your mouth open, she may have to assassinate you!