Piers Morgan has questioned a claim of Meghan Markle who claimed to secretly wed Prince Harry. Morgan says he doesn’t believe a number of claims made by the Duchess in Oprah Winfrey’s interview.

During the interview, the royal couple made astonishing claims regarding the royal family and how they were experiencing working as seniors. The broadcaster of the show left the set and quit his job after the interview got aired.

Morgan has questioned the authenticity of Markle’s claim by sharing one of The Daily Mail’s articles that says that the claim of the couple about their secret marriage, before the royal lavish wedding, is untrue and the General Register Office has debunked it by releasing the couple’s marriage certificate.

Sharing the article, Morgan asked his followers on Twitter that do people still have to believe what she said.

During a two-hour interview with Winfrey, the royal couple claimed to be already married prior to their royal ceremony. In the interview, Harry asserted that the ceremony included just the couple and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the one who officiated their later ceremony too.

Though the couple might have had a private wedding ceremony, it wasn’t an official one, as the wedding would fail to meet specific laid-out criteria from the Church.

When Fox News reached the Representatives to ask about the couple’s claim they had nothing to say or comment.

The official rule book of the church states that a lawfully married couple cannot remarry unless there is a doubt on the authenticity of the previous marriage.

Another problem has been posed with the assertion of Harry that the private wedding included just the couple and Archbishop. According to the rule book of the church, it is necessary for two or more witnesses to be present at the time of the marriage to make it legally binding. It is now unclear whether the Archbishop counts as a witness or not.

When reached by Fox News, the Archbishop of Canterbury ceased to say anything in this regard.

During the interview with Winfrey, the royal couple shared the painful discussions that happened in the palace about the skin color of their son, losing their royal protection, and that the intense pressure had led the Duchess to think about suicide.

This is to note that this was the first interview after they stepped down from their royal duties and the interview that went on for two hours came up with numerous revelations.