With the Vegas cityscape in the backdrop, a large choir behind, and a display of fireworks to assist the act, The Weeknd did his career-best stint in front of a massive crowd during the Super Bowl halftime at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

It was a performance solely meant for the spectators. He was surrounded by dancers, but often the Weeknd was standing alone. He performed and danced on some of his hit tracks.

This performance was different from the previous years. A grand-scale event was restructured due to new amendments because of the pandemic restrictions.

Super Bowl LV Halftime ShowThe Weeknd wore a glittery red coat and spectator shoes along with an all-black overall as he appeared to muster the ceremony with some of his greatest hits like Star Boy and The Hills. The Hills was a majestic sweep and a beautiful rendition of his prized work.

The Weeknd was an unimpeachable choice of pop stars from the past decade for the N.F.L. This Canadian singer has been a constant hit, producing pop songs of great grandeur and worth. The best part of his performance was the finale, where he truly shined and gave the performance the Super Bowl’s halftime is famous for. He ran down into the field along with his supportive dancers and started dancing to his new hit song “Blinding lights. This was a sweet release and was a perfect moment for the halftime to end with all the people running around and enjoying their time out in the field.

This was by far the most difficult halftime show at the Super Bowl. It had limited fans in the stadium and the list of performers was also limited.