The Voice’s Season 21 Finale crowns a new champion! Congratulations to the band, Girl Named Tom.

The popular band comprises three siblings, Joshua, 24, Bekah, 20 and Caleb, 26 was announced the winner of The Voice season 21, on Tuesday night.

The band’s win marks the 4th achievement for mentor Kelly Clarkson, the winner of season 17 with her participant Jake Hoot.

The fan favourite band performed on the  “Leave Before You Love Me” by Jonas Brother’s with Kelly Clarkson on the show night.

Girl Named Tom defeated Clarkson’s team member Hailey Mia, Blake Shelton’s contestant Wendy Moten and John Legend’s Jershika Maple.

The now so popular siblings band has emerged from a town in Pittsville, Ohio. Initially, they were homeschooled and later in life turned to music. They started from piano lessons then began doing theatres while attending a government school.

Despite their impressive upbringing to become an artist, they had plans to pursue medicine until 2017 when their guardian was diagnosed with cancer.

When Bekah completed high school and the siblings completed college, their father’s life expectancy was still unknown. That was the time when the trio formed and decided to spend more time as a family.

Soon after being crowned at The Voice, the band shared a statement saying, they can’t wait to head home with the title and “to be with their be dad “as soon as possible.”

“As we are writing this statement, our dad is in horrific pain following yet another surgery,” said the band. “The only reason we are still in Los Angeles is that our parents want us to be here, doing what we love. We cannot wait to finally all be in the same room.”

The night was completed with the brunette beauty, Jennifer Lopez’s performance on her track ‘On My Way’ from her forthcoming movie ‘Marry Me’ Clad. She rocked the stage in a prepossessing white gown with a high slit.

Unfortunately, the diva’s performance at the NBC show became the target of the public’s criticism. The singer was criticized for not just lip-syncing but for favoring Wendy Moten over Paris Winningham.