Lisa Montgomery, who was charged with the assassination of a pregnant woman in 2004, would finally be facing the death penalty for her crime.

This would be the first case of capital punishment given to a woman since 1953.

The culprit would be administered with a dose of a lethal drug at U.S. Penitentiary Terre Haute, Indiana.

The last case of capital punishment in the U.S. was of a woman named Bonnie Heady who was gassed in a chamber in Missouri.

Two state punishments would be carried out on the 10th of December, one of Lisa Montgomery and the latter of Brandon Bernard, who was involved in killing two Youth Ministers.

However, this would not be the first case of capital punishment in 2020 in the country.

According to a new protocol, the execution will happen with a single lethal drug that would be administered by the concerned department.

Kelly Henry, the lawyer of the convicted, defends that her client should continue to live as she struggles with a disturbed mind and has experienced abuse since childhood. She also says that her client has confessed to her unlawful act and would never be allowed to leave jail.

Based on her troubled condition and history of past trauma, she should be provided with leniency in her punishment.

However, in 2007, the state trial court gave her the death penalty after announcing that she was responsible for the abduction and then killing an innocent woman.

Similarly, Robert Owen’s lawyer of Mr. Bernard (who is also on death row) believes that his client has the record for the most heinous crimes, and releasing him would not be a risk to the public.

He said that the central authorities have played a role in this extreme punishment imposed on the convicted since he has not committed the most dreadful crime in history.

Regardless of how their lawyers try to defend their cases, both people convicted for murder would be executed in December 2020.