Halloween is around the corner so people can’t wait to indulge themselves in eating their favorite candy.

A survey was conducted to see which candy is the most popular and likable one this Halloween, Starburst won over all the other trick or treat candies.

States like North Dakota, North Carolina, and Alabama, all chose Starburst over other candies. Generally, Halloween candies fall into two categories, chocolate ones, and fruity ones. In the US, half of the states enjoy eating the chocolaty ones and the other half enjoys the fruity ones.

In states like Hawaii and Washington, Kit Kat chocolate best serves the sweet appetite of people. People all across the US have different sweet preferences. The area of New Hampshire drools over peanut candy. Texas loves the sweet and chewy texture of Starburst and Kentucky digs for milk chocolate.

Starburst hit the market with its chewy and fruity flavors back in the year 1960. The candy was originally named Opal fruits and later on, the name was changed to Starburst. The production of this candy was started in the UK.

When the variety of something increases, so does the competition. Every year new candies and flavors are introduced to keep up with the evolving taste buds of the masses. For years, there is this one candy that has been dominating the entire candy industry. Reese’s Peanut Butter cups have always been on the top.

According to a survey conducted in 2019, the most popular candy in the US was Reese’s cups. This shows that the majority of Americans prefer the taste of peanut butter in candy.

Like the people, the choices and candy preferences are also diverse. This Halloween season, people are hoping for the bitterness of the post-pandemic period to be washed away with the fruity flavors of Starburst.