Hundreds of thousands of people have tragically died due to the novel coronavirus. While the pandemic continues, investigators have started to find out the origin of such a rampant virus.

According to the US intelligence and security officials, the US government is all set to find whether the virus spread occurred in a laboratory or from a market initially.

Multiple conspiracy theories are being followed and investigated at the same time. The theory of coronavirus being used as bioweapons, research by China has already been snubbed by the USA.

An intelligence official confirmed that one of the theories being followed and investigated is that the virus emerged in a laboratory in Wuhan.

A source of the CNN provided further detail on the theory, claiming that the US intelligence has been unable to confirm it with proper evidence. Due to the lack of evidence and with the ongoing pandemic, officials say that the real cause behind it might never be revealed.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley admitted that the US intelligence is focused on finding an answer to the question of the coronavirus being formed in a lab. He further emphasized that there is still no concrete evidence, and so far the origin of the virus seems natural.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper also revealed that there was no evidence or truth to any theories yet. Besides, he stated that more investigative work needs to be carried out.

President Trump refused to address any findings after confirming that the US was investigating the cause behind the pandemic. Chinese Foreign Ministry revealed that many medical experts have announced that such theories do not carry any scientific proof.

As claimed by the Washington Post, State Department cables from two years ago revealed concerns about a lab in Wuhan. The claim was not dismissed by the US Secretary of State. He insisted that China did not give the US access when it needed to, and now it was too late.

Officials reveal that unless the pandemic is under control and the reason behind the virus’s formation is found, the US cannot take any legitimate action against China.