The European Union and the United Kingdom have finally come up with a deal after months of deadlock. The UK is set to leave the bloc as the country will finalize its departure from the EU in the coming days.

It is a good sign that these two important blocs have come to an agreement Post-Brexit. The EU Commission President is hopeful for a good future ahead as they have passed their first hurdle.

There was an imminent threat of economic breakdown and it would have been difficult to tackle it without a deal. This deal will avert such threats as it has ended the fear among the masses about an economic breakdown.

It is an event that will go down in history as a love-hate thing and this is what EU leaders believe. This deal brings relief, but with sorrow that the UK will no longer be a part of the EU after 47 years.

The UK Prime Minister was more relieved and sounded victorious, unlike the EU leaders. It is the biggest trade deal in the history of the UK as it is over £660 billion a year.

British left the EU in January, but then it faced hardships of how the economic deal will come off as a result of Brexit. It was a tiring and year-long process to end the dispute and come up with an agreeable solution for economic development.

The deal was hitting a deadlock as the EU fishing rights were becoming the bone of contention in the deal. It came to a point when the UK PM warned his citizens that there might be no deal at the end of the day.

It is highly unlikely that this is going to be the final deal for the two blocs as they have only come to their first deal so far. The reason that this is feared to be one of the many deadlocks to follow is that the UK ended a 47-year long relation.

Johnson was a strong supporter of Brexit and this is the reason that he wanted to have an upper hand in the deal. The talks have been underway for a long to ensure that the people also see something at the end.

The issues that were causing delays in the deal were fishing rights, fair competition, and future uncertainty. The future is still uncertain but by building on this deal, both the parties can come up with a solution for the future.