Beautifying yourself is as important today as it was in ancient times. Women always found one way or the other to enhance their looks and in today’s world, makeup is one of them. But makeup and cosmetic products as we know it are evolving with each passing day.

This time the makeup artists are making a buzz for “The Triangle Trick.” It is basically a concealer trick to cover up dark circles under your eyes. For all makeup lovers, this article is a treat. For further information keep on reading.

Opened pores, acne, pigmentation, and dark circles are an everyday part of life. If one wants to get rid of their skin problems for just some time, one might think of a “concealer”, it works just like magic. With the high coverage that it provides, all you need to do is follow 6 basic steps and your concealer-game is good to go.

  1. The first thing is looking for the right shade” and as makeup artists, finding the right color is necessary for good makeup. For a little help, here’s a list of shades that might help you cover your under-eyes:
  • The yellow-toned concealers help you to even your skin tone from hyperpigmentation or redness.
  • The peach shades cancel out blueish dark circles under our eyes.
  • The green tones hide excessive redness.
  1. For the next step, “choosing right formula” is all that you need to know. Not all forms of concealers apply perfectly to your skin. First, you have to see what works best for your skin, then buy accordingly. There is a wide range of different formulas for concealers like liquid, matte, concealer sticks, and powder. Look out for what works best for you.
  2. For the third step, apply moisturizer, primer, and foundation before applying concealer. It keeps your skin hydrated and clear.
  3. The next step involves working with dark under-eyes. Cover your dark circles with a concealer.
  4. Afterward, cover your acne in areas where you want the coverage to go. You can put on concealer on cuts, pimples, anywhere you like, to cover up the areas.
  5. At last, all you have to do is, “know how to set it.” You have to set it by blotting the excess product. Split your tissue into two parts and press one of the sheets against your eyes to remove the extra product. This will prevent the concealer to be cakey around the edges and having an excessive amount of products.