Netflix is the new YouTube of this generation, but with advancements. People from all around the globe have subscribed to it, where they can enjoy any type of original Netflix produced series/movies or other movies/series produced by different productions as well.

We thought you might want to dig-in into the“Top-ranked Netflix movies”, so here is the list:

  1. I lost my body is a 2019 French adult Animated/Fantasy movie. In this movie, a cut-off hand escapes the dissection lab and search for its body until they both meet Gabrielle.
  2. Happy as Lazzaro is a 2018 drama movie. A young noblemen Tancredi and a good-heart peasant Lazzaroform a life-changing bond where they orchestrate a whole kidnapping to help Tancredi.
  3. The platform is a Spanish movie that was made in 2019. Its story revolves around people who are kept in vertical cells where people above them are fed and they are starved to death. This horror and thriller is a treat for the eyes.
  4. Marriage story, just like how its name suggests the whole story, this 2019 movie is a romantic hit, which involves a husband and a wife to push through their divorce issues and reach their personal and crucial extremes.
  5. 13th is a documentary movie where the director tells about all the racial injustice done towards black people. This movie is an eye-opener for a lot of people and definitely a MUST-WATCH!
  6. The half of it is a new addition in the best movie piles. This 2020 movie, involves two guys who like the same girl. But the shy one helps the famous one to get her.
  7. Dolemite is my name is a 2019 movie where the character Ray develops an outrageous character and is loved and admired by people.
  8. On my skin is an Italian drama movie produced in 2018. Where the person is accused of a minor crime and then his body is found out lying in the cell. His family’s life is changed.
  9. Klaus is a 2019 animated movie. A person shows himself as the worst postman but still somehow is given a post to deliver to a frozen land where he sees Santa Claus hiding out.
  10. The night comes for us in 2019’s action movie based on a gang family. The action in the movie is a sight-to-see!

So, which one you are going to watch this weekend? Do watch!