The National Weather Service issued warnings for potential intense storms in a widespread area of the Midwest states of Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

The weather is supposed to get severe with potential thunderstorms and a potential threat of derecho in the region. The warning issues stated that severe weather conditions might result in power outages and extensive damage to the properties and plantations.

The warning directed by the National Weather Service stated that a large severe block of intense weather is expected to start moving from the upper Midwest to the Northeast and will most likely last for 3 days, affecting as many as 85 million Americans.

What is a derecho?

A derecho is a combination of damaging, straight-line winds which are long-lasting and are often accompanied by moving thunderstorms. Derecho is very destructive and can easily give competition to tornadoes and twisters in terms of its destructive impact.

The National Weather Service defines a derecho as “damage in one direction along a relatively straight swath”, if a derecho crosses the speed of 200 mph then it becomes as powerful as two tornadoes at a time causing a widespread power outage and other damage.

A derecho in the region of Iowa and Illinois last year killed four people along with a massive destruction and power outage for days.

Derechos usually occur in the warmer months of May till August. A derecho can travel for hundreds of miles lasting a span of a few hours till days because of the wind gusts which last for a longer extended period.

Some of the meteorologists have termed derecho as deadly as a hurricane when it combines with bursts of winds and clouds resulting in flash flooding.

The National Weather Service has asked the people of the Midwest state to stay safe during the intense weather and prepare themselves for power outages along with interruptions in communications. They also addressed the relevant authorities to supply the people with emergency equipment to stay safe.

According to the Storm Prediction Center, “A favorable pattern will exist over Minnesota/Wisconsin toward Lake Michigan, supporting intense severe thunderstorms and possible derecho development later this afternoon/evening”

Torrential rainfall is likely to hit the Midwest states along with storms with a possible threat of derecho hitting the region. Derechos are termed as massively damaging and costly in terms of the destructive repairs to be done later.