The in-person early voting has been started in Florida. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential nominee has participated in the early vote drive.

Florida is considered to be a critical state for early election campaigns. The victory of Florida holds immense importance for President Trump. If Trump wants to be elected as the president again, he will need 270 electoral votes.

According to the latest press reports, 2.5 million mail-in votes have already been cast. There is also a portion of third-party and non-affiliated voters. With existing and gradually increasing stats, Hillary Clinton has been defeated by Trump in the state elections.

According to the Florida Republicans, they are not concerned about the mail-in voting ballots because they are already aware of the situation that if Joe Biden gets any lead, it will be automatically swept away by Trump.

However, according to the Republicans, the Democrats are digging up their votes by preferring the in-person votes rather than the mail-in voting system.

In Georgia and the following states, the early voting sites were rushed but according to the Florida county elections, the voting lines are expected to work steadily.

According to the election officials, around 70% of the mail-in ballots and early voting would be completed before the actual Election Day.

Even though the votes are expected to be cast earlier, the final results will not be disclosed until the final day. According to a recent report, the voting polls in Florida can result in a tie. With the latest voting stats, Joe Biden is leading by three points.

The state has its hands crossed for the final results. The election results of Florida can be a game-changer in the final verdict of state elections.