Amidst the already challenging situation at hand, the rampant influx of unattended migrant children at the US-Mexico border continues to escalate.

The substantial arrival of hundreds of migrant children on a daily basis has flared up the already aggravated situation of accommodation at the jam-packed refugee and migrant border facilities along the Southwestern frontier.

The culminating figures pose a great risk of safety under the prevailing pandemic concerns in the over-crowded camps.  Republican, Henry Cuellar, after his visit to the facility camps, termed the prevailing conditions as terrible.

The incessant influx has also resulted in the breach of the prescribed legal time limit of detention of migrant children in the border facilities from 72 hours to 90 hours or even up to 100 hours.

According to the released government data pertaining to migrant minors, the figures are indeed overwhelming indicating that a greater number of migrant children tend to remain under the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) custody than being transferred to the Department of Health and Human Services.

On Thursday, around 605 children were detained in CBP out of which 388 children were relocated.


As per the Customs and Border Patrol released data, at average, almost 475 children are claimed to have been detained daily over the last 30 days indicating that the cross over of young children without parents from the southern US-Mexico border has risen by 50% since February. This degree is recorded as the highest since May 2019.

5,500 children remain wedged up in the Customs and Border Protection camps, which as per the White House press Secretary are not meant for children, and that efforts are underway to release pressure at these border facilities and relocate them to an appropriate place.

A total 12, 500 unaccompanied migrant children have been verified to be residing in the custody of the Department of Human and Health Services that operates to provide not only shelter to the deserving children but also strives to adjust children with sponsors and guardians throughout the USA.

A total of 18,000 illegal children currently stand detained under US custody.

Contrarily, the ex-administration of Donald Trump resorted to a controversial measure that gave a go-ahead for the rapid expulsion of many migrant children who made their way across the border illegally.

Dealing with the inherited mess of the immigration problem, the current administration has adopted a rescinding policy extending humanitarian and legal assistance to the lined-up migrant children.

Several initiatives are underway to resolve the matter through swift relocation of minors to appropriate HHS care and to ensure the availability of sufficient resources to meet the crisis.