Presidents’ Day is approaching. Many Americans are wondering if they would be having a day off to enjoy a long weekend.

Presidents’ Day also comes with big discounts and sale promotions from various retail outlets. It’s time to check out what Presidents’ Day in 2021 is bringing to help you plan your holidays better.

The third Monday of February is a day to remember the presidents of the nation, especially to celebrate George Washington, Abraham Lincoln’s contributions for making America a great nation.

The day is meant to commemorate and honor President George Washington, who was born on February 22, 1732.

Meanwhile, it’s a federal holiday for many, a long weekend could mean that several private offices will also be closed.

Most of the banks follow the federal holiday calendar, so they will be closed. But if you need to get some cash, the ATMs will be active. Investors will also have to pause any trading as the stock market and bond market are closed.

The US Postal Service offices also observe the day as a holiday. If you need to renew your license, this Monday is not the day, as most of the public offices will remain closed. The courts and city council offices will also remain closed.

Many stores and retailers offer big deals on the Presidents’ Day as they strive to clear their shelves of winter goods for the spring. This year, retail stores like Target and Walmart will remain open.

The consumers can benefit from online sales and can buy items such as furniture and electronic appliances at discounted prices.

Most restaurants and supermarkets will also remain open. It is important to check with your local stores, as hours may vary by location.

Public libraries will also remain closed on Presidents’ Day. Again, you must check with your local library for timings.

Don’t take your child to school on Presidents’ Day because most public schools are closed, as for colleges, students should check their college website.