Lawsuits filed by Donald Trump are failing one after another as they are being dismissed by the courts. This week, another case was dismissed by the court over the issue of the voting process in Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden took a massive lead over Trump in Pennsylvania, and it was not appreciated by the Trump campaigners. Trump who is desperate to go after every state where he lost, filed a case of faulty voting methods in Pennsylvania.

His claims were weighed to be uncertain and based on speculations and therefore, were dismissed immediately. He has been going over this with his lawyers, and he might take this case to the Supreme Court.

Judges were shocked to their core that Trump’s lawyers even thought that they had a case here. The allegations were serious, but no proof was provided to support the allegations and that is why the case was dismissed.

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was not convinced with the verdict and Trump claimed that he had witnesses’ testimonies. Unfortunately, the lawyers were unable to produce any written testimony before the court despite the court asking for it.

The allegations were not only in the state of Pennsylvania but Trump made several cases in multiple states. His lawyers and campaigners are constantly pushing him to not accept the results of the elections yet.

This might dent the personality of the outgoing president, and this will hurt his political career. His chances of running for the Oval Office might be grim in the future because of his activities now.

But his lawyers are convinced that the elections were rigged on a large scale and Trump believes it as well. Trump needs to understand that the time is running thin, and he should not put an end to his career like this.

Overall, the situation seems to worsen as he is not going to rest easy on this decision. It is all happening while Biden prepares to take over next month.