President of America Joe Biden is all set to meet the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday. According to the White House, the meeting is supposed to last four-five hours in the much anticipated Geneva summit.

The Biden Putin meeting is said to last approximately four to five hours and will be a detailed one since president Biden took charge in January 2021. The White House officials stated that president Biden is fully prepared for the meeting – as he has prepared his notes about the issues to discuss and address after being engaged with many advisers.

The Biden Putin meeting immediately comes after the G-7 and NATO summits attended by Biden with all the democratic allies of America across the world.

According to the news, Putin will arrive in Geneva before Biden and he will be accompanied by a translator and his foreign ministers whereas Biden will be accompanied by secretary of state Antony Blinken along with a translator.

The Russian and U.S Ambassadors will remain in Geneva during the meeting time. After the high-profile meeting, both the presidents are said to hold separate press conferences.

President Biden and president Putin are presidents of two of the most powerful nations of the world and they have an array of issues to discuss in their meeting agenda such as North Korea’s nuclear activities, Iran’s nuclear capabilities, Syria, arms control, arctic, climatic change strategic stability in the region and Covid19.

The Biden Putin meeting will shed light on the pursuit of “strategic stability dialogue on a range of arms control and emerging security issues”- as an extension to the New START treaty between the two nations. The initial START treaty was established back in February 2011, and according to the state department, the Russian Federation and the US both agreed to extend it forward till 2026.

The START treaty imposed limits on all the deployed intercontinental-range nuclear weapons by Russia.

According to the initial reports, Biden plans to raise the issue of ransomware attacks on the USA which were supposed to be Russian-based. The ransomware attacks will be a significant topic of discussion between the two leaders and Biden will supposedly pressurize Putin to take serious actions against it, the actions which hold significance.

President Joe Biden has already been pressurizing Russia by imposing penalties and other economic sanctions. Just last week he penalized the Russian companies and ships heavily which were working on the natural gas pipeline across Europe.

On the other hand, Putin is one of the cleverest counterparts Biden will ever come across. Russian president knows how to deal with and dodge American administration. Putin exclaimed in his latest interview that Biden is “radically different from Trump because president Biden is a career man. He has spent virtually his entire adulthood in politics.” This shows that Putin is coming with a plan and has done his homework on the Biden administration to great lengths.

President Biden is not new to such meetings, he knows how to tackle and pressure Russia. This will be his first official face-off with the Russian president since he entered the White House as president. He knows all eyes are on the heavily anticipated Biden – Putin meeting in Geneva and it is very important to leave the meeting stage with decisions that are beneficial for America.