While on its way to the end, the 7th season of the popular “The Masked Singer” continues to enchant its viewers with new exciting reveals!

This time, Wednesday’s episode unveiled another masqueraded contestant, Kirstie Alley, as Baby Mammoth.

“Baby Mammoth was the latest celebrity unmasked on #TheMaskedSinger,” Billboard tweeted.

The Golden Globe award winner and former Cheers starlet, Alley 71 was unmasked after she got the least number of votes from the panelists. However, they were clueless about her true identity before she revealed herself on the reality show.

Ken Jeong, 52 said Baby Mammoth was Reese Witherspoon. Nicole Scherzinger, 43, insisted it was Rachael Ray. Robin Thicke, 45, thought she was Kristen Dunst. However, none of them guessed it right.

Only Jenny McCarthy, 49, guessed from the hints that it was Kirstie Alley.

After the singer removed the giant Baby Mammoth mask, host Nick Cannon, 41 questioned her about what brought her to the reality show?

“I’ve done a lot of things in my career, but I’ve never gotten to be in the circus,” said Alley while still wearing the remaining part of her pink fluffy costume.

“What was your favorite part of this entire process?” the show host asked.

“I have grandchildren and they’re really young, so they are going to think this is good,” replied Alley.

“You were so good,” Nicole Scherzinger commented.

“You are wickedly talented and funny,” Jenny told the elderly contestant.

While Robin said, “There is nobody like Kirstie Alley,” and added, “It’s really a blessing and an honor to have you here. Thank you for coming out.”

Nicole further asked the contestant about the “mega clue of a bird cage that said ‘danger wild animals’ on it.”

“I have 15 lemurs,” said Alley. “I have dogs and cats and birds and squirrels.”

In the earlier episode of the show, Kirstie Alley sang ‘The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss)’ by Cher, wearing her fluffy  Baby Mammoth costume.

“I just want to cuddle you,” said Nicole when she finished. “It was so entertaining and you are so cute. It’s driving me crazy though because I do not know who you are.”

“I think that all animals should be wild things so set it free and help it escape,” replied the contestant on the mega clue question.

“This is Reese Witherspoon,” Ken said.

“I’m getting Melissa McCarthy vibes,” Nicole added. Jenny said, “It could be her,” while revealing that she was her cousin. “Her kids love the show.”

Even though Baby Mammoth and another contestant received the least votes, she was given a chance to compete against Space Bunny to stay in the competition.

Space Bunny sang Do You Really Want to Hurt Me by Culture Club’ and Baby Mammoth performed “Me Too by Meghan Trainor”. The judges had to vote on the best one.

“This is the most adorable duel ever,” said Ken of the duo.

When the voting results came out, Baby Mammoth was the one who got the least votes.