Proud Boys group’s leader was arrested on allegations of burning a flag of the Black Lives Matter movement. He has admitted to the crime, and he is in custody now.

At the same time, Donald Trump has asked his supporters to show up in Washington, D.C. in huge numbers this week. The significance of this week is that Joe Biden will be certified as the president-elect before he takes charge on 20th January.

It is expected that the Proud Boys will show up in the capital for the demonstration on January 6. Washington DC mayor had no option but to deploy the National Guard for the assistance of the local authorities. This can turn out to be a difficult situation for the local authorities to handle.

The Proud Boys group’s leader Tarrio was stopped as soon as his vehicle entered the premises of Washington DC. He has been allegedly involved in the 12th December protests, and for holding gun licenses that allow additional bullets.

These factors are an indicator that he can be a threat if he makes it to the January 6 protests. After his acceptance, he was immediately arrested.

During December, another black church was destroyed in a protest and people blamed Tarrio for this incident. He was sued for the destruction of the black church.

It is feared that similar protests will be held on the call of Donald Trump on January 6. This kind of behavior is intolerable, and action will be taken against the people if they are found to be involved in damaging property and inflicting injuries.