President Joe Biden’s ambitious goal of getting 70% of Americans vaccinated by the 4th of July becomes overly doubtful as the vaccine marathon across the country hits roadblocks. The decreasing vaccination rate is putting the over-ambitious plan of 70% of Americans vaccinated by independence day at risk!

Only one month is left until independence day and it is highly unclear whether the country will be able to achieve the deadline or not. The vaccination marathon has seen plummeting rates and the current average pace is decreasing daily. Right now America is 10 million short of the benchmark of 160 million set by Biden initially.

The latest reports state that 63.8% of the adult American population has received at least the first shot of their vaccine that makes it about 137.1 million in numbers.

Pop-up vaccination sites have been placed across the country to motivate and vaccinate the population with ease. The health examiners and practitioners as well as volunteers are doing everything possible to get more people vaccinated by setting up vaccine sites at stores, parks, train stations, and even drive-thrus.

Public health officials have even set up vaccination booths at casinos, shopping malls, and ballparks to speed up the vaccine marathon across the country. It is very important to get this tier of people vaccinated to attain herd immunity for the whole nation.

A recent Gallup poll has raised the concerns of the health officials as the poll showed that approximately one-third of Americans have no plans of getting themselves vaccinated anytime soon. Out of this one-third population, 78% are determined about their decision about not getting vaccinated at all whereas 51% are those who will not be reconsidering their plans of getting vaccinated.

These were the worrisome figures which had caused sleepless nights among the medical and health experts. The misinformation from different corners of social media has created this hesitation of not getting vaccinated.

To make the situation worse, it is expected that millions of Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses will expire by the end of this month making hundreds of thousands of doses going to waste. This will worsen the situation to a greater level.

An encouraging aspect is that 13 states have already met the 70% benchmark of getting their population vaccinated. These states include Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, California, Pennsylvania, Washington, New Mexico, and Hawaii. Six states show the tally of the vaccinated people below 50% which includes Tennessee and Alabama.

The whole country needs to work together to meet the national goal set for independence day. People need to come out and fuel the vaccination marathon to attain herd immunity as well as have at least 70% of the Americans vaccinated by the 4th of July.