The House of Representatives concludes the votes for an increase in stimulus checks amount from $600 to $2,000 with the highest number of approval. The bill was approved with the two-thirds majority, which is the requirement of approval from the House.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the bill will be presented before Donald Trump as there is a procedure to follow. Although Trump is in favor of this amount and openly opposed $600 checks, which was approved during the announcement of a $900 billion relief package.

People in dire need of financial assistance were looking at the policymakers to offer them some sort of relief. Many are facing evictions by the end of this year as their rental agreements are about to expire and they need money.

The natives are waiting for hefty checks, as it has become a nightmare to fulfill their needs because they have taken a hit on their income. Moreover, many are waiting for an increment in the amount, so that they are able to arrange house rental and to keep up with their rental renewals.

Other than that, millions of Americans have also lost their jobs in the wake of the pandemic and the first relief package was insufficient. A $900 billion package with a $600 amount for each household will be insufficient because the last check was $1,200 and if this amount couldn’t fulfill the needs of the people, how can an amount half than that do so.

There has to be another voting that will decide if the people at the House of Representatives are ready to send it further. This means that the final signing must be done by Trump, but the voting will decide if this idea shall reach him or not.

Bernie Sanders wants that the bill must be presented before the House so that the process can be accelerated. People are waiting for the prompt response from the House as they face the fear of evictions over their heads.

This came in after Trump had signed the stimuli relief fund for $600 on Sunday night and the voting was done on Monday. He has been supporting the $2,000 checks all along and everyone insisted on him signing the relief package right away.

It was to the surprise of many as the Republicans rejected an increase in the bill. Whereas, the Democrats were supportive and wanted an increase of $2,000 on the check.

The reason why Republicans are reluctant to sign off the increment bill is that doing so will worsen the economy. On the contrary, the Democrats are aiming to be in a good light with the people as they have just won the election. Nonetheless, this whole situation is highly politicized.