As the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic continues, the death toll has also increased along with the increase in the number of cases, according to new reports. The death toll keeps on rising each day.

This can lead to more than 60,000 deaths over the next few weeks. The numbers might even double after the holiday celebrations.

With the Thanksgiving celebrations, families met over dinners and celebrated the occasion.

At the start of November, people went out for shopping and fill the markets. Every year this time is filled with the festivities and which continues till Christmas. The same practice can result in dire consequences.

A high number of COVID-19 infections are expected, and it looks that the pandemic would worsen this holiday season. As there have been no signs of the virus being under control soon.

Such a pandemic also prevailed over the world before. Influenza virus took over the world in the year 1918. But its spread was much better contained as in those times traveling from one place to another was not easy.

This virus has been said to produce the same damage as that of influenzas, but the time of the deaths and infections is shorter because of the current lifestyle.

The health condition in the US is at its worst as compared to the rest of the world. The number of deaths and infections are at a record high.

This Friday marked the twenty-fifth consecutive day when the number of infections show an increase. This makes the US the top most affected country by the virus in the world.

The holiday season that brings joy and happiness is becoming the cause of the pandemic. People have started to get weary of staying at home and they want to meet their loved ones over these holidays as well. However, many have canceled their plans to be safe and isolated.

The officials are of the view that the damage can still be reduced if everyone follows the required SOPs. Wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance can work wonders for the country worst hit by the pandemic.