In the current times, everyone is considering health and wellness as their top priorities. As the fall is approaching, it is best to start this season by developing healthy habits and continuing them throughout the whole year. Recently, two Health and Wellness Experts, Meghan Sowa and Nicole Hayes, at Nature’s Bounty Co. collaborated with YourUpdateTV to impart some wise tips for maintaining your health. YourUpdateTV is a video portal that Is used by the organization for sharing their content. This social media platform incorporates several channels for Lifestyle, Money and Finance, Sports and Technology, Social Responsibility, Media and Entertainment, and Health and Wellness. Both Nature’s Bounty Co. experts are working moms, who have developed healthy lifestyles for themselves and they also help others in maintaining healthy habits with their tips and expertise.

Immune health has gained even greater importance this year and many people are searching for different ways in which they can strengthen their immune health. Vitamin C is famous for the healthy support which it gives to one’s immune system. Clinically, Ester-C® Vitamin C lasts around 24 hours in a person’s immune system which is a longer duration as compared to Vitamin C.

Approximately 55% of U.S citizens report being experiencing some kind of stress almost every day, whereas 35% of American adults face sleeping problems. The two main categories which are trending in the supplementation industry are sleep and stress. To help with sleep, Nature’s Bounty® Sleep3 + Stress Support is formulated which is completely drug-free gives maximum strength, reduces occasional stress, and helps in sleeping. Also, Nature’s Bounty® Stress Comfort Line is a new addition introduced by the brand, it includes three different gummies. This product helps in relaxing one’s mind to gain a better mood or restful sleep, and also eases mild stress and tension.

Everyone wants to feel and look their best regardless of the time of the year. Nature’s Bounty Co. has got you covered with their newly introduced Nature’s Bounty® Optimal Solutions Advanced Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies. They help you in pampering yourself by supporting glowing skin, healthy nails, and beautiful hair. There are many Americans who want to maintain an active lifestyle, no matter if they are working outside or from their homes. Body Fortress® High Protein shakes are recently introduced which assist in fuelling active lifestyles. These 11 ounces of fluids contain 40 grams of protein and can be taken by fitness fans before or after their workout.