The story of Matthew Stafford, quarterback of Los Angeles Rams is incomplete with mentioning the iron lady in his life Kelly Stafford.

The lady who has been thick and thin of her husband while dealing with the horrific health ordeal herself is something which was celebrated on the field after the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl berth two weeks ago!

Kelly Stafford completely collapsed after the heroic win as if her hard work and support paid off.

Ali Chapas, best friend of the couple stated that after the heroic win “we were hugging and crying, people have been on this journey with Matthew since college and know what they’ve been through. It felt like we were in a sports movie.”

“I think Kelly would never want to make it about her and her battle with her brain tumor but it obviously adds to their story. And the fact they’ve gone through so much, it makes it much sweeter that they are in this position right now,” said Chapas.

The couple met at the University of Georgia and since then have been inseparable.

32-year-old Kelly Stafford hosts her own podcast show named the morning after. She has been dealing with personal health issues since 2019 after giving birth to her fourth child.

Kelly underwent a 12-hours long surgery after being diagnosed with a benign tumor in her brain.

The couple has 4 daughters including 5-year-old twins. She was diagnosed with a benign tumor and immediate surgery was prescribed. Kelly said she was scared but wanted to get over it for the sake of her family.

 “Even though Matthew is this strong, tough football player, Kelly is tougher than hell and I knew she would face this adversity the right way.” said a close friend after the diagnosis of the tumor.

“When I posted my story on social media, I was feeling really vulnerable and felt like I needed a bunch of people on my team at that point. I prefaced it in a way that I wanted prayers, more than anything. The more people who are praying for you, the more success you’ll have in anything you’re praying for,” Kelly said remembering the toughest days of her life.

The surgery was successful but the aftermath was long and brutal. Kelly had to literally learn to start walking again. She couldn’t see her girls for 2 weeks, holding them was a different story altogether. The dark days are gone now and now the time is to cherish and to celebrate the success which is as sweet as their long relationship based on pure love.