As Joe Biden takes charge, he should be ready to face several challenges that are associated with a divided America. Joe Biden has always had the stance of unifying America. But is it possible to do given the current situation? Let’s dig into it.

The problems are the same across the country, which needed to be addressed. The entire country is dealing with a high poverty rate, a broken justice system, and an opioid crisis along with increasing Covid-19 cases.

A ‘Bipartisanship from Below’ Approach is Required at the Moment

The bipartisanship in the 1990s and early 2000s were not the same as the bipartisanship today. The ones before had several adverse effects due to the influence of moderates and centrists. They were only interested in doing the bidding of their donors, which ultimately led to increased prisons, more wars, and the signing of NAFTA.

So all this has made the people believe that the parties can never come on one page and make decisions together to solve the national issues.

But this is not the case today, as this bipartisanship does not comprise of weak moderates but rather have the support of strong partisans and it’s driven from the bottom.

The things that could lead the country to the right path

The first one is to focus on the issues at the bottom. As such causes are only picked by principled people, it can unite people who share the same vision.

People have to be clear about the issues and understand that there will always be a difference of opinion. The issues, in which people can find a common ground, they should work on those.

People have to understand that it is okay to have different reasons if ultimately, they all want the same results.

People must be respectful of whoever there is on the other side because, in the end, that person is a human and deserves to be understood.

For Now, The Four Areas Where The Nation Can Make A Difference Are As Follows

The vaccine brings a really good opportunity to bring back faith in people by organizing its distribution throughout the country.

There are a great number of people especially black people who are addicted to various drugs in the country. These people have been treated miserably by the government so allying to tackle this crisis might help.

Both, the homicide crisis in urban America and the suicide crisis in rural America can be supported by each other by allying.

Then there is intergenerational poverty that requires all parties to become responsible and work together to help the poor.

In the end, it all comes down to uniting for a common cause at the grass-root level. You can have your beliefs while also unite for a better cause.