With the holiday season just around the corner and the threat of the coronavirus is still strong, people are confused about how to enjoy the season. The pandemic is bad news for everyone as it has halted everything and scaled-down economies. Moreover, public gatherings have also been banned across the country.

However, despite all the bad news, there is good news too. The cost of the traditional Thanksgiving meal has decreased drastically this year, making it affordable for everyone.

This decrease is highest in the ten years, and the prices are 4% lower compared to the previous year.

According to an annual survey by the American Farm Bureau Federation, a non-governmental body, which represents the American agricultural industry, the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal for a maximum of ten people will cost no more than $ 46.90. It makes it as affordable as $5 or lesser per person.

Moreover, John Newton, chief economists at AFBF, stated that the cost of Thanksgiving dinner continues to be affordable and is at the lowest since the last decade.

Another informal survey estimated the prices of the Thanksgiving meal’s essentials that includes turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie, rolls with butter, whipped cream, peas, coffee, etc. This study collected data from both online shoppers and shoppers buying from the stores. It concluded with the following result. Although there was a slight increase in the prices of dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, and cubed bread, it is still affordable. However, around a 7% decrease was estimated in Turkey’s price at $19.39. Apart from this, all the other essentials have also seen a drastic decrease in their prices.

However, those who are trying to avoid long queues and crowds in the retail stores due to pandemic and are shopping online will not save much.

Moreover, Nielsen, an analytic company, has found out that many families have altered their plans for Thanksgiving this year, viewing the situation and keeping the rising cases of Covid-19 in mind. On the other hand, others are carrying on with their usual plans.

However, those who are planning to celebrate this event, as usual, won’t be able to do so due to travel bans and financial constraints that have occurred in the wake of the ongoing health crisis. Apart from this, the government has also issued a new rule that allows no more than six people in the room to have a Thanksgiving meal from the same table.