Andrew Gregory Dalton, an American star football has played for Cincinnati Bengals since 2011. On a ceremony conducted on Thursday, Andy was released from the team after a career of almost eight years in total.

The Bengal’s released a statement stating that Andy had been a prized player. He had been accomplished in achieving many titles while playing for the franchise.

Andrew had been very successful in achieving Pro Bowl award three times, along with the offensive player of the year award in the year 2009 and 2010. He had also won the First team All-MWC twice for the years of 2009 and 2010.

The president of the team, Mike Brown added how Andy had brought a lot of value to the team. He held a very special place in the team and in everyone’s heart. This was probably a very hard time for all the players and the team to let Andy go but he would always be appreciated and respected.

After Andrew being released from the team, Burrow is selected to take Andy’s position and add value to the team.

Dalton had a staggering career with the Cincinnati Bengals. He had been able to achieve a lot for the time he had played in. He had 31,594 passing yards along with 204 touchdowns. Andy also had 108 interceptions in a total of 133 games.

Elias sports present some facts that Andrew had been one of the just 4 quarterbacks who had been able to start playoffs in each game of the starting games for the four seasons. The other players that held the title are graham, Flacco, and Wilson.

In the list of the teams that do require a quarterback in their team are the New England Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It remains to see whether any of those teams will reach out to the star layer for support. But it is for sure that he will receive many offers even after being released from this team.