Trump supporters have made yet another move to put his legacy into jeopardy. In November 2020 presidential elections, Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden emerged victoriously. On this clear-cut win, Trump and his supporters accused the Democrats of rigging the election.

In the wake of his loss, Trump refused to leave the office at first, but now he has decided to carry forward the transition process. As the date for transition draws near, Trump fans stormed the US Capital, a move that led to chaos and mayhem in the capital.

It has not only put Trump’s efforts into danger, but it has bruised the image of the Republican Party as well. However, at the end of the day, whatever happened in the Capitol on Wednesday was the result of constant gaslighting by Trump through his tweets.

By winning Georgia’s runoff elections, Democrats were already a step further, and this act of hooliganism has given them more power. Democrats can now nullify all of Trump’s recent executive orders. Moreover, Wednesday’s incident has given a reason to diffuse all of Trump’s efforts without any intervention.

Georgia’s loss could also mean an end of Trump’s political career, as the footages of the Capital break-in will be played on the loop to remind Americans about the catastrophe and unrest that pro-Trump protestors caused in the Capital.

Nonetheless, there can be no justification to break in and cause unrest and chaos in the city. It was very childish for the Trump protestors to trespass and fight with the police and beat innocent natives of the city.

During the last year, BLM- Antifa ignited protests were condemned, and they were also charged for their deeds.

Other than America, Trump has also lost one of his most loyal ally in, Mike Pence. According to the reports, there was a call from protestors to arrest the Vice President, as he was not able to fulfill Trump’s agenda to revoke the results of the elections.
All in all, with chaos and uncertainty still prevailing in the capital, it can be easily said that Trump has let the American people down with his uncalled-for actions.