Zendaya and Tom Holland continue to grow stronger as it seems like they are in it for the “long haul.”

A close source of the couple stated “Zendaya and Tom Holland are in the best place they could be right now. Going public with their relationship has made them even more strong and confident in their relationship.”

The couple confirmed their romantic linking earlier this year when they were caught kissing each other in July. Since then, there has been no way back.

Zendaya and Tom Holland started as good friends but the longer they stayed together things started transforming into a more serious and romantic inclination.

 “Zendaya and Tom started off as really great friends and stayed that way for a long while before things turned romantic,” a source stated. “They both challenge each other and balance each other out.”

The couple has made many red-carpet appearances together while promoting their new film Spider-Man: No Way Home.

“They are still in the new love phase and want to spend every moment together, which works out great because they’ve been doing so much shooting, traveling, and press together,” the first insider adds. “He adores her and she thinks he is so smart and funny.”

“They seem to be in it for the long haul together,” the insider says.

Tom Holland and Zendaya continue to keep their relationship hushed from the public eye and keep it low key but there are occasional flirtations especially during the promotion and press tours of no way home.

The marvel stars are often seen praising each other.

During a press tour, French outlet AlloCiné asked them to describe each other’s best qualities.

Tom Holland stated “yours is that you’re super pretty… Your kindness is your best quality. You’re a very kind person.” While a rather shy Zendaya replied “you’re always thinking about others. And you’re pretty too.”