It is time for Thanksgiving in the country, and it is not going to be the same for the Americans. The Biden family sends its regards to the people who are suffering loneliness because of COVID-19.

People have fought this virus for almost a year and lost their loved ones along the way. This Thanksgiving is unlike any other before it and the Biden family understands the pain.

Joe Biden addressed the nation and acknowledged the people who have been working tirelessly in these months. The Thanksgiving dinners are not going to be huge parties this time with the loved ones.

Biden also addressed the families who lost their loved ones in this unified battle against the virus. The death toll of fellow Americans brings him nothing less than sorrow and tears.

The travel restrictions are going to be strict this time of the year to make sure people don’t leave their homes. These are the drastic measures needed to be taken given the worsening situation of COVID-19.

Empty dining halls, no chit chat in the living rooms, and that empty chair remain the reminder of the loved one. They might be away and could not get to you this time, but Biden believes that next year will not be the same.

Biden and his wife understand the family traditions being trickled down in generations. They hope that the dinner table is complete in the next holiday season to nullify the effects of COVID-19.

This year, Thanksgiving honors the people who are giving their lives in the field. People like medical professionals, educators, janitors, scientists, and many others are putting their lives on the line.

In the wake of the American spirit, the people of America need to understand the significance of Thanksgiving. This year is going to be about being generous, humble, courageous, and more importantly grateful.

Biden wants to celebrate this Thanksgiving like any other American and keep it sober and simple. He has been grateful that people have chosen him, and he would like to give his maximum to the country.