Probiotics are the good bacteria found in our digestive tract. These bacteria help in the functioning of our digestive system properly. It is a way to improve your digestive health. Taking probiotics has become a very trendy phenomenon in recent times. They are now being included in most of our daily products. The product includes drinks to our pills for intake, powder products.

Dr. Caroline Mitchell an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School is skeptical about the use of probiotics for vaginal health. So many product ranges include probiotic pills or even in the form of suppository capsules inserted in the vagina via an applicator.

Dr. Mitchell has stated that there is not enough research being done. She believes that the research is based or is not very effective and poorly done. These are not even up to the standard. But companies are using vigorous methods to promote its use as a way to endorse their products.

Even though the research that has been conducted is not up to the mark still the probiotic, L. Acidophilus is being studied upon. It can be a way to treat vaginal problems and imbalances. One of the issues that it can solve might be bacterial or even known as BV.

Microbiome in the vagina

The vagina has many different kinds of microbes that live there. It is known to be more than fifty different kinds of these tiny organisms that inhabit the vagina. Most of them are known by the name of Lactobacilli.

Reason for vaginal imbalance

A vagina can suffer from an imbalance if these microbes fall sort or if there is a presence of other microbes that become greater in number.

The reason that can be for such an imbalance is:

1. Un-protected sex

2. There is frequent hormonal imbalance

3. During periods

4. There is no proper cleanliness or lack of proper hygiene habits that are maintained.

What can it seem like?

A vaginal imbalance can be detected by several signs or symptoms such as:

1. Constant itching

2. Severe discomfort

3. Discharge from the vagina

4. String odor

What a vaginal imbalance can cause

Vaginal imbalances can result in a variety of infections such as

1. Bacterial Vaginosis or BV

This is caused as a result of many different microbes inhabiting the vagina. As the number increases of such microbes in the vagina, the health of the vagina reduces. So, for the vagina to remain healthy the number of such microbes has to be as low as it possibly can. The reason begins this is the change in the pH level due to these microbes, which due to their presence can rise to be more than 4.5.

2. Trichomoniasis

This can occur due to unprotected sex. Many Americans are said to be infected by the bacteria. It is also a sexually transmitted infection.

There is very less evidence that probiotics can work for healthy vaginal functioning or not.