It is already a month into 2022, and the movie season is just about, to begin with, the highly anticipated, Matt Reeves’ release of The Batman, casting Robert Pattinson as the lead. The new release will portray a dark detective crime story testing The Dark Knight in unimaginable ways that the franchise fans had no clue of.

With the next blockbuster just a month away from release, its promotions have already begun in full swing. The 30-second trailer teases the fans with the alluring suspense at the heart of the bat tale.

The trailer for this one repurposes dialogues and shots exchanges that the fans saw in the previous teasers. In the new trailer, we once again view Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne amid the crowd from the past teasers as he seems to be at a funeral after getting lectured on that he is not doing much for Gotham. That part of the trailer is ironically merged with the shots in which Batman takes on Gotham City’s dark nightlife.

The trailer then shows The Riddler, the supervillain being after the dark knight, and blackmailing the fan-favorite character with Wayne’s family secret. Just like Catwoman says, “It’s all about the Wayne’s”. Almost every shot here has been previously viewed. However, not a single scene in the trailer will make any fan or an obsessed conspiracy theorist not go crazy.

How to watch The Batman?

Matt Reeves Tweeted, announced that he had put the new trailer on his Vimeo in 4k.

“Many of you may have seen this scene from @TheBatman floating around online, so I decided to put it on my Vimeo in 4k. #AdvanceTickets go on sale 2/10! In the meantime, hope you enjoy this sneak peak… #TheBatman comes out #OnlyInTheaters on March 4th!”

After the trailer release, one fan Tweeted, “I still can’t believe this. From then to now, the VFX work is absolutely insane. The Batcave ended up way bigger and way more stylized than I was expecting, and I can’t get enough of it. This is some Oscar-level shit here. #TheBatman”.

Fast forward to the end of the trailer which shows the movie tickets going on sale on Thur. Feb 10 as well as the challenge from The Riddler, which of course you can check out here. The Batman with the new plot will be making its way to theaters on 4th March.

“He can’t stop what’s coming. Get tickets for #TheBatman starting February 10, only in theaters March 4”, The Batman Tweeted with a glimpse of the upcoming release.