If you wake up in the morning, all chatty and cheerful, chances are, you are either an early bird or insane. Either way, you may have something in common with the 18 percent of respondents who reported waking up just as happy.

A survey consisting of two thousand Americans highlighted the sleeping and waking up behaviors of individuals. Nearly half the respondents reported that over-sleeping was primarily due to the inability to get out of their warm and comfy beds.

The desire to turn back time to the carefree childhood days remains paramount. The One Poll survey showed that although the majority of Americans have switched to mobile phone alarms, some still prefer the conventional alarm clocks.

It takes an American 24 minutes and multiple snoozes to get up and begin their morning. On average, participants admitted to changing their alarm timings 38 times a year to combat this dazed pattern of snoozing alarms.

It seems like waking up in a grumpy morning mood just can’t be avoided by Americans. The leading causes for this include watching TV till after midnight, sleeping on agonizing mattresses, and having daunting personal life affairs.

It’s only fair that we celebrate some of our early risers now because 11% of the survey participants claimed to wake up motivated. Sounds absurd, I know.

About 75% of respondents viewed a morning routine as a drive to open their eyes on time. For others, sunbathing might be the right fit, like it was for almost half of the participants.

Regardless of whether you are an early bird or a night owl, chances are your bed will get the best of you on some days. In that case, kiss breakfast with a cup of coffee.

Upsetting, right? Well, it gets worse because caffeine is not the only thing you’ll have to cut down. You’ll likely also have to grow accustomed to leaving the house with bad breath and coming home to an unmade bed.

Madison Muire, the editor at Mattress Nerd encourages individuals to keep to a fixed morning routine. She claims that amidst all the ungovernable aspects of your day, it is comforting to have at least one thing that you can control.

She further goes on to highlight the significance of a comfortable mattress on a person’s overall morning mood. It’s no secret that a person spends 33.33% time of their life sleeping, that might make it an enjoyable experience.