What happened yesterday during Save America Rally was anticipated a year ago even before the general elections took place in November 2020. The division that has been created among the general public during the 4 years’ tenure of Donald Trump has taken roots and now the country is witnessing its consequences.

After the Save America Rally ended, Trump indirectly encouraged his followers to attack and stop the result of rigged elections. Trump hasn’t digested the defeat yet it appears and continues to malign the results. He keeps on tweeting volatilely resulting in an uproar, which eventually led to the incident that took place yesterday in Washington D.C.

He addressed the rally and gave a long speech. Shortly after the speech ended; hundreds of pro-Trump protesters pushed through the barriers set up along the Capitol Building, where they brawled with the officers in full riot gear. They even called some officers “traitors” for doing their job and stopping from causing havoc.

The protesters were successful in entering the building and an immediate evacuation was ordered making the Congress go into recess and halting the certification process.

After the Democrats stole the show in Georgia’s runoff elections; an event like this was bound to happen. As Warnock and Ossoff flips the GOP Senate seats; the uproar was expected, but the kind of turn it took was unprecedented.

The riots and clashes caused a halt to the electoral count as well as damaging the public property and bringing the city under curfew and a complete lockdown.

The aftermath of the protest was gruesome leaving 4 dead including a woman and 14 officers injured. Many Republicans have openly started to criticize Trump’s decisions and how the matters are unfolding since the elections took place in November 2020.

The world leaders have also condemned the situation and expressed solidarity with the American democratic process.

Live Updates After The Riots:

After the violent incident Trump has not only lost his legacy, he basically wiped it out. However, Congress certified Biden’s win and it has been reported that Trump agreed to a smooth transition process.

Resignation of the White House’s officials: The way the situation has been unfolded, a lot of White House officials have submitted their resignation, expressing their disapproval of the D.C. riots.

Russian Foreign Ministry has also issued a statement in this regard and termed the US election system archaic. The statement also urges the American people to adhere to their democratic approach with dignity.

The Vice President of the United States also accepted Biden as the winner while admitting their defeat.