The popular show “The 100” is known for its unexpected and shocking story turns with sudden deaths. The latest episode of the show left the fans in a deep shocking stage with the death of a leading character.

With the sudden strange show turns, the fans are expecting the show ending to be the same or even worse than the popular show “Game of Thrones”. In the latest episode of the show, the character Bellamy got shot dead by Clarke. It was a shocking end since these two characters were immensely close to each other throughout the previous seasons.

According to the show follow up, Bellamy had a sketchbook that he could have used to reveal the fact that Clarke is the adopted daughter. Clarke got to know about the sketchbook and she didn’t want Cadogan to know about it. Following the circumstances, Clarke shot Bellamy so that the news stays hidden.

After this shocking death scene, the fans were startled and were hoping for this to be not true. But Jason Rothenberg later on confirmed via social media post that the death news is confirmed.

The show director further explained the reason behind Bellamy’s death. He said that the show is about survival and sacrificing for others. Bellamy went through a hard time but his love and affection for the people will always be remembered and have its positive impact till the show finale.

The show fans had mixed reviews regarding Bellamy’s death but most of them were highly disappointed. Some of the fans said that it was a huge waste of such a prominent character and he deserved a much better ending. The fans further said that Bellamy’s death will cause so much pain to his sister which is quite unfair since she has lived a really hard life.

“The 100” fans expressed their disappointment, grieve and anger through social media posts regarding the bad scripting and strange story turn. They called it a brutal death and were expecting the show director to give Bellamy a better ending.

Well, this was not the show’s end. There are many other twisted turns expected to be in the show till its finale. The fans are still looking forward to how this show will further proceed.