Thanksgiving is about being thankful, but this year was not grateful for the homeless woman being dragged out of an abandoned home. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) hog-tied a homeless woman and dragged her out of the home.

The story is unraveling as there were several complaints registered of people hogging up in the abandoned homes. This meant that the cops had to do something about this before it becomes more complicated.

The officers believe that this was the right thing to do as this was turning into a devastating problem for the CHP. The case of abandoned homes being used as a habitat for the homeless is a case of importance for CHP.

It is already difficult for the government to plan and execute any development project. In this case, the hands of the government are also tied, and it all comes to the choice that the officers could have made.

This act by the officers was completely legal and it was within their jurisdiction to remove that lady from that home. Once this becomes a common norm of inhabiting the abandoned homes, it would have been difficult in the future.

This is entirely one face of the two-sided coin in this story. The people are not happy over the overnight excretion and that too in an inhumane manner.

People quickly streamed the video of the woman being dragged and she is tied. She kept screaming to leave her alone and people are devastated that this happened on Thanksgiving.

The officers could have waited long enough so that Thanksgiving could have passed and come back the very next day. The people came out to protest against the CHP and they are upset about this kind of attitude of the department.

The protestors believed that the officers must have little empathy while performing such an atrocious act. The video is not appropriate for the children to see and viewer discretion is required.

The way that she was taken out of the house was difficult to watch for many people. And that is the reason that people in such a huge number turned up in her support.