According to the Police statement, a group of black women tourists from Texas was filmed attacking a hostess in a popular restaurant in New York City when they were requested to show their COVID vaccination card.

The incident happened at Carmine’s on Thursday evening on the Upper West  Side. The black tourist group can easily be seen attacking an Asian hostess after their vaccination was questioned.

When the trio attacked the hostess the restaurant staff jumped into protecting their colleague who had a scratch or possibly the virus when the tourists hit the hostess hard. The brawl footages got viral and became a hot topic to discuss across the country.

A CBC2’s report says that this is the same thing that most restaurant owners fear about when mandatory vaccine updates came into effect from Monday. Staff was prepared to face the pushbacks from unvaccinated guests against their firm hospitality, but this is something beyond expectations.

The New York Police said that the 24-year-old hostess was brutally slapped and punched when she was performing her duty. Although the group is now facing charges, the New York Black Lives Matter said that they are going to protest on Monday.

Carmine’s owner stated in his statement that the 24-year old hostess whom they claim an invader started to work here just a few weeks ago.

According to the report, two staff members jumped into the brawl also got injured. NYPD added that three women, 49, 44, and 21-year-old respectively were taken into the Police’s custody, but released after giving tickets.