The toxic culture of the schools has taken a whole new direction when a teacher was found singing ‘Toxic’ inside one Texas classroom.

The substitute teacher of a school in Austin, Texas was asked to leave school earlier last week after appearing to sing Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ with the assistance of a karaoke machine in front of the students.

A video was obtained by KXAN that appears to reflect how the teacher was sitting in front of the class and managing a jamming session with her karaoke machine. The teacher can be seen dressed in a black dress and was surrounded by colorful strobe lights. Moreover, some of the students can also be seen laughing off the camera as they were obviously enjoying the moment.

One of the spokespeople from the Austin Independent School District told the station that the teacher had brought a karaoke machine into the school class on Friday.

“I’ve heard worse Britney Spears covers, but the lights are a bit much,” the spokesperson said.

The station also highlighted that the teacher in the video was not properly identified and did not immediately respond to the questions being asked. In addition, the teacher was asked to leave the classroom for not following the rules.

The father of the boy who was recording the video also told the New York Post that he believes that the situation was handled very well by the school.

“It was all a bit confusing. We didn’t know what this was all about until our son explained what it was,” Andre Abelkis told the Post. “Yes, we were a little upset that a substitute teacher would not care about teaching the class and just do something for themselves. And, yes, I think the teacher should have been removed from class.”