According to a recent update, a plane got stuck in a utility line on the way down and was found landing alongside Interstate 20, as per reports.

The passengers and pilot all survived during a plane crash in Texas, but the crew was hospitalized in Texas on Saturday.  As per reports received, a single-engine plane crashed near Parker County on the west of Fort Worth.

The news sources revealed that the aircraft lost its engine power near the Hudson Oaks Airport and the reason for the engine failure is yet to be determined. The identification and the medical conditions of the plane crew cannot be identified immediately according to KTVT.

An eye witness of the incident informed the station that around four people were found walking around the crash site while the fifth person reportedly remained inside the plane but was coherent. Moreover, the investigating team from the Federal Aviation Administration will be looking into the case and will be trying to determine the actual cause of the crash, reported by KTVT.

The plane crash incidents are increasing in the country as previously a sightseeing plane crashed on August 6 leaving no survivors! The crash victims’ identities were not released to the press, however, it was reported that a total of six people were onboard in that flight that also includes pilots.