Texas Health Department officials announced that the state is all set to administer the vaccine to all adult citizens. It is planning a drastic expansion in the vaccine supply making it readily available for nearly 30 million residents of the state from Monday.

Texas now joins the list of states that have made vaccines available to all adult citizens.

The State Chairwoman for Expert Vaccine Allocation; Imelda Garcia claimed that Texas is all set to reach the milestone of 10 million doses administered to the citizens.

Texas becomes the first densely populated state to make it to the list of vaccine availability for all adult citizens. Texas has been the country’s largest state having no coronavirus restrictions after Republican Governor Greg Abbott lifted the mask mandate.

The state has witnessed a steady decrease in the positive COVID-19 cases, with the hospitalizations in Texas plummeting to the lowest since October 2020.

Alaska was the first state to open up vaccination eligibility for its adult citizens followed by Tennessee and Missouri.

According to the reports, Texas was lagging behind other states drastically in its vaccination rate. As of Tuesday, only 10% of the general population had been fully vaccinated whereas about 22% of the citizens had received the first dose, according to the data shared by the Centers for Disease Control.

Texas health experts have blamed the low number of vaccine availability on the February blackouts due to the deadly winter storm. The federal officials used census data that had been outdated to determine the shipment of doses in Texas.

Texas had been one of the badly hit states of America by the coronavirus and had the third-highest death toll in the nation mounting to a staggering figure of 47,000.

President Joe Biden had pledged in his first prime-time address that all adults in America would be eligible to get a vaccine shot by May 1, 2021.

Texas expands its COVID-19 vaccination process to all adults almost a month before the set goal by President Biden.