A new report has been released by the Texas Department of State Health Services highlighting the stats about the impact of Covid in the state in relation to vaccination. Texas Covid deaths have been higher than other states before as well, but especially now the vaccination ratio is specifically highlighted since there have been numerous reports of the virus affecting the unvaccinated more.

According to data from CDC, Texas has had 777 Covid deaths in just the last 7 days, higher than any other state. According to the study by DSHS conducted on various cases, Texas Covid deaths are 40x higher and the chance to contract the virus 45x in unvaccinated individuals. From data procured in September alone, vaccinated adults were 13 times less likely to contract the virus and 20 times less likely to die from it, in comparison to unvaccinated individuals.

The complete data in the report is taken from January till October of this year, and about 7.7% of deaths and 3% of positive cases in that period are among vaccinated individuals.

Texas Covid statistics

The chief epidemiologist on this DSHS report, Dr. Jennifer Shuford said, “We know that there are all these bad outcomes for actually getting COVID-19, but the complications from the vaccine are very few and impact very few people. What we hope is that people across Texas will understand the threat of COVID-19.”

Addressing the recent surge and the rise in Texas Covid deaths Dr. Shuford said, “Our trends are moving in the right direction, but what we’ve also noticed is our cases aren’t as low as they were right before this big surge. We will continue to see COVID-19 circulate and even potentially surges in that disease activity until we can get more people, hopefully, vaccinated.”

The country average ratio of vaccination is 80, as 80.6% of the total population have received at least one dose of vaccination. Meanwhile, Texas’s vaccination ratio is 76%, lower than the national average. The report aims to highlight the relationship between vaccination and preventing the severe cases of the virus, as it builds immunity and helps our body’s immune system to develop over time as well.  

Previously, a decline was observed in the Covid-19 cases in the US as the country has observed a 50 percent decrease in new cases since September 1. Even the hospitalization rate was also at a declining state along with the death rate. This spike in Covid-19 cases can serve as a big threat to the country.