Texas: A toddler while playing got hold of a handgun that accidentally went off shooting a mother and a sibling in a parking lot of Walmart.

The mother was wounded in the arm while another gunshot went through the leg of a sibling.

According to the police, the shooting incident took place in Granbury, Texas which is about 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

According to the police, the gun was discharged once when the 2-year-old took it from between a seat and the center console while in the car with a 1-year-old sibling and with their 23-year-old mother standing outside near the driver’s side door. The children’s 26-year-old father was standing near the vehicle’s rear.”

The police lieutenant Russell Grizzard stated that “the 1-year-old injured child and the wounded mother were taken to the Fort Worth hospitals and are said to be doing well as none of them were injured severely.”

The police are still investigating the incident and it is still unknown whether there will be any charges filed or not stated by Russell Grizzard.